What My Clients Are Saying…

George provided excellent insights on the overall project which I would not have found on my own. He also provided suggestions that were very useful. He communicated very well and met the deadlines we set for the work. He respected my desires in terms of tone and retention of original intent. The finished edit is exponentially better suited now for publishing to a wider market than the original academic work. I would gladly work with George again in the future and recommend him without reservation.

–John Tsukayama, Professor, Political Science, Brigham Young University, Hawaii

Thanks also to George DeStefano for his editing labors that helped to transform an academic work to a proper book…

–John Tsukayama, Acknowledgements, By Any Means Necessary: Veterans Talk Torture in the War on Terror

Since this was my first book, and since all of my prior writing experience was either as an academic or an attorney, I was pretty unfamiliar the process. George was able to nurse me through it. In the beginning, I was unsure how much I could trust George’s judgment. But as the process went on, I learned that I could trust George and rely on him and even disagree with him. It was a very good, comfortable, and easy relationship. I would surely recommend George and if I were ever to undertake this process again, I would want to do it with George.

–Michael Reimer, Attorney, New York

“In addition to his list of academic/scholarly editorial projects, George de Stefano is also a prolific and proficient critic, essayist, journalist, and, rara avis, independent scholar who just writes so well. That he is also something of a perfectionist, in the best sense of the word, as well as someone committed to quality and timeliness, should also not escape notice.”

— Robert Oppedisano, Editorial Director (ret.), Fordham University Press, NYC

George de Stefano is a writer and editor extraordinaire. He meets every deadline and always delivers far beyond the norm. You cannot go wrong by hiring him—he’ll make you look good!”

— Lisa Rojany Buccieri, New York Journal of Books

“George de Stefano is an accomplished and socially-engaged editor and writer.”

— Luisa Del Giudice, Independent Non-Profit Organization Management Professional, greater Los Angeles Area

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